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Street Smart Engineers

Giving voice to research and inventions by bridging the gap between research, academic and the industry to bring you THE SOLUTIONS THAT WORK right from the heart of Africa

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We encourage Technological and engineering innovations in African tertiary institutions by providing a platform to commercialize research projects in Engineering and related discipline


To promote self-actualization and inspire greatness, helping young innovators give their dreams wings to soar.


We train and equip our young innovators with cutting edge business skill and acumen on how to build a sustainable business out of their developed and marketable products.

Let’s help commercialize your inventions

Do you think you’ve got a marketable solution to real problems? We can work together to help take to those who need it.  

Invest in Solutions that work

What about being part of the next big thing in global engineering? Invest in our young innovators today.

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Join us sponsor ongoing research projects undertaken by our young innovators either as a corporate entity, an individual or an academic institution