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About Us

We committed to giving voice to research and inventions by bridging the gap between research, academic and the industry to bring you THE SOLUTION THAT WORKS right from the heart of Africa

Who we are

Street Smart Engineers is a social enterprise and incubator that provides platforms for engineering students to improve on their research works and commercialize them thereby helping to bridge the gap between the tertiary institutions and the market.

We strongly believe in the power of research to change the way we lead our lives and we also believe that such forms of research should give birth to tailor-made solutions so that the common man can benefit a great deal from them, hence our interest in incubating research and development in various forms.

What We do

Talent Incubation

Resource Mobilization



To build tech-savvy student engineers, that will solve real-life problems through the application of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.


To become a hub through which engineering students will proffer tailor-made solutions to the needs of the common man through their research works.

Our Story – How we Got Started

The need to create a level playing field for African engineering students and graduates to be competent enough to compete with their contemporaries in different parts of the world gave birth to Street Smart Engineers. The fastest way to achieve this is to bridge the gap between tertiary institutions, industries and the market population, a course we are working hard to pursue till we raise an army of competent engineers from Africa cutting across all engineering fields.

Meet our Team

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Rhilaso Dokong

Founder and Team Lead

Shammah Godoz

Communication Lead

Nina Mba

Strategy/ Growth Lead

Nicholas Alifa

Technical Officer

Partner with us

Together we can build a develope Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in Africa, that is why we need your support. Partner with us on this journey.